so you call yourself a writer

I am a writer.

Do you know how long it took me to believe that? I was so hesitant to own that label and preferred to think of myself as a hobbyist or a dabbler (cue Sonny with a Chance reference). If you don’t get it, don’t worry, you must’ve been cooler than me in high school.

In my mind, “writer” meant competing with the likes of Tolkien, Rowling, Lowry, L’Engle, Austen, Lewis, or even Doyle just to name a few. Writers were the ones that wrote the novels that captivated me mind and soul. They were the ones making me feel so deeply with their written words.

That’s some pretty stiff competition. And guess what? I will probably never write at that level, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.

I’ve spent too many years keeping my writing secret and hidden afraid to show it to others. I hesitated to claim the title of writer, and preferred to keep my notebooks private.

What changed? I decided some dreams are worth the fight.

People ask when you’re young what you want to be, but I guess by my age you’re supposed to have it figured out by now. Unfortunately, I was still a little lost. That dream life seemed so vague and unfamiliar to me. I couldn’t decipher what it would even begin to look like.

I grew tired of watching others on Instagram and Youtube live the life I so desperately wanted. So, I pulled out the notebooks and dusted off that old dream.

I’ll be honest, it hasn’t been easy. I don’t expect quick success, and I know the only way to get there is through consistent investment. Still, I’m claiming that title.

I am a writer.

Remember, somethings are still worth fighting for. What dream are you ready to chase?

– Aubrey Alene

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