for the love of chai

Yes, it’s official. I’m addicted. The sweet nectar of a chai tea latte has taken over my life. You think I jest, but just look to my credit card statement for proof.

“Why, chai?” you may ask. Because, why not?

On a slightly more serious note, this drink has become my drink of choice for any writing experience. Something about it helps me focus on the task ahead. I think its a learned behavior more than any actual benefits from the drink.

But, there is one rule for any chai experience. It must always, ALWAYS be iced. It’s just not the same otherwise.

My desire for this tasty beverage, I believe, stems from the place I get it from. There’s a Starbucks nearby that first served as a study spot before transitioning to a writing spot. While I’ve frequented many a different Starbucks, this one was perfect. Full of cozy nooks, comfy couches, and one giant fireplace, it gave me the inspiration I needed while also making me feel safe.

Few Starbucks have ever treated me so kindly.

Then one tragic day, I saw that horrid sign no routine-lover wants to see, “Under Renovation”. Yes, they took my favorite Starbucks and turned into some strange new creature. While I’ve adapted, I still miss that old decor.

Now, chai, she’s never failed me. She still shows up every time I pay the nice person at the counter, and she still inspires.

Well, some days we just need random posts to get through the week, and I hope you enjoyed this one! If you have any weird writing habits, let me know. I’d love to hear them.

Happy Hump Day, friends!

– Aubrey Alene



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