let’s get social

Like any good writer (or any living person today), I understand the importance of social media in this day and age. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Any successful business, author, blogger, influencer, musician, artist, etc., manages some type of social media platform. It’s just the way our world connects, and it provides a unique tool to get our voices out their with significantly less time and effort.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of social media. I’m a private person that prefers my pictures and thoughts to stay, well, private. On the other hand, I love exploring the profiles of those more willing to share. I’m an avid learner and relish the opportunity to see life through another’s eyes.

So, while I struggle maintaining my own platforms, I appreciate and admire those that have a better grasp on it.

In order to get my own “product” out there, though, I set aside my own social media aversion and stepped into the turbulent waves of Instagram blogging. While I’ve seen small success over the past few months, I’m proud for two reasons.

First, I got my work out there. While they’re simple poems and nothing impressive, I’m satisfied my words are no longer trapped in the many notebooks. Yes, I’m in no way chasing likes or followers.

Second, I haven’t given up. I’ll admit my struggles, and you’ll find weeks or even months when life forced me to press the pause button. But, overall, I’ve worked to remain committed and creative in my posting.

I am in no way an expert, and I have a very long way to go (shout out to my 165 followers!), but at least I’m moving forward. If you’re interested in checking it out, follow the link below, or if you have any tips please comment or send me a note.

– Aubrey Alene

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